Monday, May 11, 2009


I received the article Going Dutch subtitled How an American living in Holland learned to love the European welfare state from a friend that is currently living in Holland. The article is a good read and explores some of the socialism versus capitalism issues. It is timely for Americans discussing universal health care.

However, there is a broader reason that I am posting this article. To me, when we come out of this global recession, we will all need to re-evaluate the way we did things before the economy crashed. Governments and companies around the world will need to change. But change for change sake is not the goal. The goal is improvement.

To achieve that goal of positive change, we will all need to learn from others and adapt good ideas for our businesses. Using this article as an example, it is not helpful to just say you are for or against socialism or capitalism. You have to learn what those words mean and most importantly is there a middle ground?

My mother always taught me that extremes were usually bad and it was in finding balance that we usually found the right answer. Since yesterday was Mothers' Day, it seems fitting for me to acknowledge this insight as one of many smart things my mother taught me.

Thanks Mom for everything especially for inspiring me.
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