Wednesday, May 27, 2009


True leaders lead by example. This is critical to establishing a culture that people will happily follow. Leaders are well-advised to follow the same rules and policies as everyone else. This will go a long way on enforcing compliance by everyone else.

The proper way for a leader to do this is to be authentic. The leader must demonstrate integrity and embody the values of the company. A leader must be supportive of the people following and must take responsibility for his/her actions. If a leader is faking it, soon everyone will know and the culture will erode.

Many of us have worked for a 'leader' who believes that the rules are actually for everyone else. When that happens, we feel like second class citizens and we are less inclined to follow the rules and more inclined to feel some bitterness to the 'leader'. If the leader is above the rules, the rules will cease to have meaning after time. The employees will soon be there for the sole reason of making money and that is never a particularly positive experience.

Cheers, Mike

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  1. I could not agree more. Once you can fake being authentic, you are on your way!!!!