Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hello everyone and sorry I missed you last week. I received a few emails (not many) from people asking when I was going to do my next post. Nice to know some of you missed me.

Today, I am going to start a series on the 5 C's of Leadership. Each day, I will discuss one of the C's. Please comment on the series. Let me know if something is missing or you disagree on something or want to add an emphasis. Your comments are not only welcome, they are needed.

As you know, Mike and I write, speak and teach on Leadership. Until now, we have not utilized an overall organizing framework. We have now created the 5 C's as our overall framework within which we can and will include all our thoughts on leadership. Since the framework is new we welcome all your insights.

Today, I will list the 5 C's and then each day discuss one of the C's. The 5 C's of Leadership are as follows:

1) Compelling Vision- why people would want to follow you
2) Competence and Common Sense- the actions and processes
3) Communication and Collaboration- the message, the medium and the timing
4) Creating Leaders and Teams- the responsibility to develop people
5) Character and Integrity- why people should believe and trust you

Until Next Time.

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  1. As described, the 5 C's are interdependent variables. That is, none can exist independently, nor can one succeed in a sustainable and expandable way without the others being in place.

    I anxiously await your next post, and also extend an open invitation to meet again if you find yourself in the DC area.