Monday, December 7, 2009


Jobs, that is what this economy needs. So how do we create jobs? Well, we need to get the money flowing and businesses investing before there will be any meaningful jobs growth.

I read the first positive and thoughtful article on this subject recently. Corporate America's Huge Pile of Cash is an interesting read.

While, in my opinion, it leaves out a key risk factor which is the amount of uncertainty. Corporate executives will remain cautious with their cash if they continue to be concerned and uncertain of the outcome regarding taxes, health care costs, and inflation. However, at some point, these same executives will conclude that they can wait no longer. I am hopeful they will reach that conclusion soon. If they begin to spend the piles of cash they have accumulated, jobs will be created and we can begin a growth curve. Clearly, this will be more moderate and steady growth than in past recoveries. But growth is better than flat or decline.

To growth and job creation!
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  2. Jobs, I always here create jobs. To me just creating jobs is not the answer. The world will not be a better place if people work manufacturing items for the sake of manufacturing...The world needs meaning. That is the next step..."meaning" is the way forward.

    stay adventurous,

  3. Craig,
    I agree that each of us needs meaning in our lives and we perform MUCH better at work if we believe in the mission and are excited by the work. However, we are all very different and find meaning in different ways and different places. If there are no jobs or not enough jobs, and we can not meet our basic needs, we will not get the chance to have choices and do what we like the most.