Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It seems like everyone you talk to lately is looking for a job for themselves or a colleague. I know that we are all helping in any way that we can and opening up our networks to them. But many times that is not enough.

There are a few areas that are still hiring. Read in Fortune Magazine about areas such as Healthcare, Government and Restructuring firms. Or read Maggie Mistal's thoughts on your dream job. See in our blog list and connect direct to her post.

But most of all it seems to me you need to be creative, flexible, determined and connected to land a job in these tough times. Hmmm, some of the same attributes you need to be successful once you get the job.

This post is also for those of you that still have your positions. Stay on top of your game in order to keep it and help those that need your help. Not only is helping others the right thing to do, but you may need help in a few months, if the economic climate gets worse.

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