Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Seriously, you just bilked thousands of people and charitable & educational organizations. Your wife moved $10 million out of your Fund the day before you 'randomly' decided to 'confess' to your sons.

Now you want your wife Ruthie to keep her $70 million? Of course, none of this $70 million came from you Bernie or from your ill gotten gains. And, of course, she had no knowledge of your 30 year Ponzi scheme.

I don't know about you, well actually I do, we are all rooting for the prosecuters to take everything and send the whole bunch to jail. Incidently, what is taking so long? Cheers, Mike

(courtesy of AP)

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  1. I am still confused. Where did the actual money go? He did not invest in securities? Where is it?