Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Most of the people I hang out with have no idea what Twitter is or how it works. Some may have heard of it. Some believe it is another internet social networking tool.

So, I decided to look into it. I first scoped out this article from CNBC. I then went to to check it out. Then I set up a test account. Well, guess what? There are many companies and serious individuals using Twitter as another means to get their message out. It is clear that Twitter is likely to be here for quite a while. It is quick concise combination of email, a blog, IM and texting.

The messages are limited to 140 characters. So the messages are brief. You can elect to follow thousands of different individuals and companies. I am currently following companies such as NY Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC, CNN and Whole Foods. I downloaded the Tweetie app on my iphone and I receive notices of Tweets (the name of the messages) from the companies I am following. The news organizations send tweets on links to breaking stories that have been posted on their websites. I just scroll down the tweets, select a story I find interesting and click the link. It is amazingly quick.

I can see where a closed system could make for incredibly quick promotion of new products, thoughts and ideas. Go check it out.

And yes, I can be reached via Twitter at @ExcuseMeLeaders.

Cheers, Mike

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