Friday, February 27, 2009


So, how does the world get out of the situation it is in? Leaders at all levels need to stand up and lead!! The world is suffering from a Crisis of Confidence. Everyone is worried and concerned about the uncertainty. And it doesn't help that we are bombarded with negative news from every communication advice we own.

It is time for leaders to LEAD! Leaders at all levels and all institutions, countries, companies, educational entities, divisions, units, families, etc. must step up, show confidence and lead.

Get all your people focused on a goal. Get them all working on a plan. Report the progress on the plan frequently. Celebrate small successes. Work the Process! Focusing on a plan is like a slap in the face. It wakes people up to getting things done. People will focus and start to feel better.

Call a moratorium on discussing how bad everything is all the time. Start at home. Refuse to allow any mention or discussion of how bad thing are at the dinner table and focus the discussion on what everyone accomplished today, what they will accomplish tomorrow and what fun they had today. And above all, stop mentioning what the Dow did today, up or down. I don't remember ever discussing what the Dow when I grew up. Do you think your 8 year old wants to hear about it every night? And see your long face?

Then bring it to work. No more depressing talk. Speak about overcoming the challenges. Get everyone into the same boat. Allow leaders at all levels to rise and lead. Stare the uncertainty in the face and admit, the future has always been uncertain, we just didn't think it was!

It is about rising above the problems of the day. Not wallowing in self-incrimination and fear. We need our leaders to be like Churchill. Exhibit confidence in the face of extraordinary adversity without any data to support such confidence.

People are looking to follow, so get out there and Lead!


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