Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Regardless of which side you are on regarding health care reform, we have all been getting a civics lesson along the way. Apparently, the Senate Parliamentarian will be on TV today! In addition to a civics lesson, there is another lesson in all of this drama. Rules and structure do not matter until something goes wrong and then they mean everything. Mike does a great session in our leadership workshops on the need to stop before approving something new and ask the question "what if it does not work"? Good risk management requires that you have thought about what you will do if it does not work out the way you had planned. Do you have the best structures and rules in place?

I am sure that both Democrats and Republicans have been reading rules that they have not thought about for years, if ever.

So in addition to the civics lesson, use this moment in history to also learn a business lesson. Structure and governance rules seem unimportant until the moment that they are crucial. Do not wait till the crisis. Check your organization's governance today. A good site for board governance is

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