Monday, November 23, 2009


On Friday and Saturday, Mike and I were the instructors for a leadership session at Villanova's Executive MBA program. Similar to the session i wrote about on October 16 that we did at the US Military Academy at West Point, we get as much or more from the session as we give to the attendees.
This was a great group in this class. I was struck by their desire to learn, to consider, to ponder, to challenge, and to grow. My favorite part of the class was when we asked a question and then facilitated debate and discussion among the attendees. Try it yourself. Instead of immediately providing your answer or solution, what if you asked more questions? What if you facilitated productive debate and discussion? What if you could then synthesize the ideas? I think you would get a better solution than your original answer. Just a thought.
It was a great two days. I was in the company of leaders striving to become even better leaders. That is invigorating! As these and other leaders continue to progress in their careers, I know our future is bright. It is easy to focus on our failed leaders since they garner the headlines. Our regular readers know that I believe we do have a leadership deficit in many organizations. But great leaders and future leaders are out there. We need their leaders to unleash their talent!
Thanks again to Villanova's EMBA program for inviting us and thanks to the class for a great weekend.
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