Thursday, June 25, 2009


There is a nice short article in the WSJ entitled Why Business Plans Do Not Deliver. The writer is discussing the types of plans written when you are seeking investors in a business. However, it struck me that the points are relevant for any business proposal. This could be an internal initiative you want to get funded within your company or a proposal to a client. His arguments could even be applied when presenting your annual budget for approval.

He asserts, and I agree, that there are three things needed in a successful plan. Simply state the situation or problem, give the facts and evidence, and then candidly state the risks and how you plan to mitigate the risks. I would add that you should always think first about what is in it for the reader and what will give them the most concern. Most of these plans are written from the perspective of the writer not the reader.

He also summarizes his views on the fatal flaws in many plans. It is a good and quick read. Enjoy.
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